The Blogging Carnival

What’s a blogging carnival?

A blogging carnival is when a bunch of bloggers converge on one site to write about a given topic, allowing readers to read a variety of takes on that issue.


How does it work?

From Valentine’s Day to International Women’s Day on March 8th, hundreds of young women shared opinions and stories by connecting on This year, young women blogged about history, social justice, courage and female heroines. Exploring a new theme every week of the Carnival, there was a new blog every day.

The Context

The Blogging Carnival’s objective is to provide an activity that is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. The Carnival, just like, creates a space for young women to address the issues they face and to exchange comments and thoughts.


The Blogging Carnival is part of the Girls Action Foundation NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION, an annual event to raise awareness about the challenges faced by girls and young women. The Day of Action provides resources and opportunities that empower girls and young women to institute change in their lives, their communities and in the wider society.




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